5M Ranch

Karen Patterson joined me with her camera at the beautiful 5M Ranch in Murrieta this week. I started this young Lusitano gelding for Tiffany Nelson McDaniel a little over a year ago. He is hot blooded and opinionated, qualities that I love.

In the photos you see I am beginning to ask him for a bit of collection. Collection starts in the shoulders. Valiente is beginning to lift and extend the neck from the shoulders while maintaining a very soft light contact with the bit.

The other photos clearly show Valiente extending his neck after collection. The extension, or lengthening, of the neck after collection is a necessary part of a complete education. To ask a horse to always maintain collection is not only cruel but it works against his nature. What does not bend or maintain flexibility will someday break. He’s taking to his lessons well.

Equally rewarding was watching Tiffany on her colt yesterday. I watched as she collected and extended him changing his balance as needed. He remained attentive and relaxed. What else could I ask for?

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