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I was fortunate enough to be gifted by a friend of mine, a spot in a clinic of Craig's hosted by Bucksnort Ranch in early Feb 2018. I had never heard of Craig Patterson and did a little preliminary research on FB and liked what I saw. I was definitely intrigued with his philosophy of the meshing of western horsemanship and classical dressage taught by the masters of previous centuries. I had competed in endurance riding on friends' horses over the last few years and realized that I was merely a passenger on the horse and wanted more for my own sake and that of my horse. I want to improve my horsemanship skills and learn to ride with a better understanding of what's best for the horse. At the clinic I learned of Ecole de Legerete and was impressed with Craig's knowledge of Philippe Karl's teachings. Craig has a very clear and patient way of presenting the information which helps the student learn. And to top it off his compassion and regard for the well being of the horse are first and foremost!! With Craig's help I'm optimistic for future endeavors with my little Arab mare!!!
Joanne H 
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