Trainers Symposium

Thank You Anne York for sharing these photos from last weeks Trainers Symposium in Fallbrook Ca.

My plan when asked to participate was to take my stallion, Hermano. Three weeks prior he injured himself playing in his paddock. Feeling desperate and needing someone to show I pulled this six rear old Lusitano out of his paddock and we began his education.

Houlihan was started here on the ranch as a four year old. I put a few rides on him but he has essentially been standing untouched since. With only three weeks until the symposium our focus was on relaxation and contact.

This was Houlihan’s first trip to town and he handled it like a champ. Many of those that visited with me marveled at how well he did with so little time under saddle. What I wanted them to understand is that anyone with a real education in horses could do what I did. The hands that guided Houlihan were the hands of my best teachers. The words I shared were from the same. We ride horses, not methods. Understanding and working with, not against their nature is the key to success.

I share this quote often, “You can never rely on a horse that is trained by fear. There will always be something he fears more than you. But when he trusts you, he will ask you what to do when he is afraid”. Houlihan proves this to be true yet again.

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